We take seriously our mandate to love God and our neighbor as ourselves; that’s why we love relationships. The model Jesus set for us was one of serving and coming alongside anyone He met. His ministry wasn’t just made up of teaching, but also of forming relationships and initiating growth in that way. We want to truly know you, meet your needs, and guide you in your walk with Christ.

We are totally convinced that God’s plan for the world today is His church. And God’s plan for you today is active involvement in a local, Bible believing church. With that in mind, we seek to provide opportunities in a broad range of fields. There is a place for everyone in our church to be ministered to and to minister!


Jesus Christ is the perfect, eternal Son of God. He was born of a virgin, displayed perfect righteousness, died on the cross bearing the wrath from God the Father for all, and rose again from the dead to secure our salvation.

Salvation is a gift God provides to sinners through the sacrifice of His Son Jesus. No amount of good works can earn salvation. God accepts every person into His family only when they admit their hopeless, sinful condition, trusting Jesus’ sacrifice on their behalf.

God expects Christians to become active in a Bible-believing, gospel preaching local church. Here Christians engage in meaningful relationships with other believers so that they may grow to be more like Christ and help others experience the same growth.

God calls us as Christians to display His love to our community by getting to know our neighbors, investing in their lives by serving them and sharing with them the hope and joy found in following Christ.

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